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Sunday, October 21st after Meditation

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A Year of Living Purposefully

Meditation for People in 12-Step Recovery
Saturday, April 21, 10 am - 12:00 noon

Offered by Nancy Ballinger and Molly Burke

Both Molly and Nancy share many years of experience with 12 step programs and teaching meditation.




Our busy hectic lifestyles may seem to prohibit the peaceful practice of meditation recommended in 12 Step recovery and provide a convenient “excuse” not to begin or continue to meditate.  


Join others in 12 Step Recovery to explore through lecture, discussion, and practice the topic of meditation:


·      What it is

·      How to do it

·      Why it works

·      How it works with the other steps in 12 Step Recovery


Pre-register by pressing the button on the bottom of this page.


This program is offered on donation basis.

No food or beverages.  Bottled water okay.




Meditation for People in 12-Step Recovery