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A Life-Changing Year-long Web Course with Yogacharya O’Brian

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Live The Eternal Way
Wednesdays, Oct 4 through Nov 8, 2017


Live The Eternal Way (One Day Retreat)


With Nita Kenyon

What is natural to the soul and how to live in accord with it? This is the heart of the content for this program. To live in the highest way is the aim of most spiritual seekers. This program, Live the Eternal Way, is based in the teachings of Kriya Yoga that provides a time tested spiritual science of effective meditation and spiritually conscious living to prosper in all aspects of life.

Make possible life enhancing change with this model or course for acting in harmony with the core or heart of your being. This program will introduce and explore the principles of harmonious and upright living and contemplative introspection — meditation and contemplation.

You are invited to discover the fullness of your own essence of being.

This class offers:

  • Meditation instruction & practice
  • Guidelines to live consciously and opportunities for positive lasting change
  • Time in spiritual community

The required text for the class, "Living the Eternal Way", will be available for purchase at the class.

Course and materials based on a program developed by Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

The class is offered by donation.  

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