Artha 365!

A Life-Changing Year-long Web Course with Yogacharya O’Brian

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People of any faith tradition, or those seeking a spiritual perspective on life are welcome.


Interfaith teachings are offered throughout the year. Reverend Devin Kent Sodt conducts classes in support of students wishing to explore the teachings of The Eternal Way and Kriya Yoga.

Regularly offered classes include:

  • Living the Eternal Way: Spiritual Training Course - A 6-Week introduction to core Vedic Teachings on the nature of Consciousness and the Soul. Meditation instruction & practice are interwoven with guidelines to transform your personality and your life through cultivation of universal virtues. A 12 week class is also offered to explore topics in more detail.
  • Introduction to Meditation - This 90 minute course offers basic instruction in the technique of sitting meditation. The class is offered on a quarterly basis and is appropriate for beginners or those who would like to deepen or resume a meditation practice.
  • Yoga Sutra - This 5-week class is an introduction to the Yoga Sutras attributed to the Sage Patanjali. This course is open to all and suggested for students who have completed either the Living  Eternal Way Class, the Be Still and Know Meditation Class, or is a student of yoga.
  • Be Still and Know - A 6-week class appropriate for those who have completed Living the Eternal Way, How to Meditate, or who have an established meditation practice. The teachings are based on The Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali, and the principles of Kriya Yoga. Each class is a combination of teaching, practicing techniques, and group meditation.

Class materials developed by Rev. Ellen Grace O'Brian