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Our Mural

After 6 years sharing space at different locations around Morro Bay, in 2006 the AWAKENING community found a location to rent at the old Morro Elementary School and proceeded to make it our home.  The first task at hand was to convert what had been a portable classroom into an attractive, welcoming space that reflects our connection  to the beauty of Morro Bay.

Kevin Anderson, a well known art muralist from San Diego, volunteered his time and amazing talent creating a beautiful mural that warmly greets all who come to AWAKENING.  Kevin invited us to participate in painting the mural, finding the artist in us all!

If you haven't seen the mural we hope you will come by soon.  Also notice the beautiful flower garden created and maintained by our AWAKENING community.  We love our home and the community at the old Morro Bay Elementary School.

To see pictures of the process creating our mural, click here.