In the Tradition of Kriya Yoga


Awaken to the One Truth known by many names


Awakening Interfaith Spiritual Community is a meditation and spiritual center in the tradition of Kriya Yoga, serving seekers from all religious and spiritual traditions. At Awakening you will find support for spiritually conscious living—Self- and God-realization—through regular meditation offerings, classes, retreats, kirtan, and worship service.



New Address...

We've moved to Los Osos!

1310 Van Beurden Drive, Suite 102

Los Osos, CA 93402


Kriya Yoga Gathering

Sunday, July 18—7:00-8:30 pm

All Kriya Initiates are invited to join Rev. Devin Kent Sodt for this Kriya Yoga Gathering

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Rev. Devin Kent Sodt